Driverless cars: AI will not solve philosophical conundrums

Premeditated murder by AI is neither justifiable, nor a consolation for those at loss. To say the least, this ability awards a godly power to machines. In addition to degrading human life, it poses a real threat to it.


Bethink yourselves. Owned, controlled and commodified

Two arguments have been put forth to be quiet if not smoother the yet to be had debate on privacy by two technocrats. One: “privacy is not a social norm,” implies that violation of privacy is a social norm. Which in other words means that the violation of the self is a social norm. The other: “if you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place,” has far reaching and fundamental implications. In other words, if your self or the territories thereof can be owned, commodified and manipulated and controlled by others, maybe you should not have them in the first place. Or, if you have rights that you don't want others to violate, maybe you shouldn’t have them in the first place. Hell, if you have a system of governance that you don’t want others to abuse, maybe you shouldn’t have it in the first place. This is bonkers.

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Human design principles

  This guideline suggests some human aspects that are fundamental in designing for humans and a purpose thereof, as it were. These are happiness, fulfilment, integration, health, freedom, play, and the expression of an intrinsic drive. A human being is a complex, organic system consisting of various capacities and dimensions with growth potentialities, a system… Continue reading Human design principles

An alibi for being and acting with others

In the social reality of 'situational abandonment' everydayness as closure would be unbearable without the simulacrum of the world; the alibi of being and participating with others.

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Anomie: the absurdity of work

One learns how to do a certain task, rarely does one learn how to determine in what circumstances it is right to do that task. In most cases, the appropriateness of what one does is predetermined by someone else mostly by “ignoring all the subtleties of real social existence and reducing everything to preconceived mechanical or statistical formulae.”

Humanization vs dehumanization [illustration]

The human purpose: design for optimal engagement (p. 58 - 78)

Aspects of the human purpose

Source: The human experience: design for optimal engagement (ch. 3)