Machinespeak: humans are machines and machines are humans!

Machinespeak is a case of “a metaphor gone mad!” “From the proposition that humans are in some respects like a machine, we move to the proposition that humans are little else but machines and, finally, that human beings are machines. And then, inevitably to the proposition that machines are human beings. What is most significant about this line of thinking is the dangerous reductionism it represents.”

3 Levels of a human problem: technical, sociotechnical and socio

Levels of a human problem: technical, sociotechnical and socio / philosophical. This break down demarcates the extent to which we can employ machines in our striving for human and social completeness, and underlines the fact that we cannot delegate the human purpose – the striving for growth and fulfillment, love, happiness, self expression, wholeness/integration, play (work) and freedom – to machines.

Simulacrum rising: why reality must increasingly be mediated

The simulacrum is a social and technological feat. Its capacities for behavior modelling, modification and monitoring have appeared as ubiquitous necessities, which regrettably prime us to become the plaything of every hallucination, spontaneous or deliberate ideological illusion. Cambridge Analytica has shown that simulacrum can get us to do what is not in our best interest, without the use of force, in a predictable way​.