Selfies: Inexplicable companions

Relational digital artifacts; pseudo-beings (AI, robots, avatars and personas), from a point of view that values the richness of human relationships, they don’t make sense at all.

Simulacrum rising: why reality must increasingly be mediated

The simulacrum is a social and technological feat. Its capacities for behavior modelling, modification and monitoring have appeared as ubiquitous necessities, which regrettably prime us to become the plaything of every hallucination, spontaneous or deliberate ideological illusion. Cambridge Analytica has shown that simulacrum can get us to do what is not in our best interest, without the use of force, in a predictable way​.

Freedom: the epitome of humanness

Freedom can be taken as the ultimate goal and measure of humanness: human and social completeness, where on a continuum, a higher degree of freedom implies a higher potential for achieving human and social completion and vice-versa.

The dog walker

The urban habitat, and the array of gadgets littering the environment for the animal being are counter forces. They without trying, habituate the animal within to venture into them, into a nature redacted to its bare minimum, or represented barely in tokens and symbols.

Good work, a concept

We have to question the sense of that man, for it is most likely to have been a man, who relegated all other men to a daily, long day toil, with the men of law and of word his accomplices.

Die purposefully, wonder and live

Because living and dying imply each other, any act which holds of death prevents life. How to die means nothing less than how to live.

The human purpose: 8 aspects

What is the chief end of man and what are the true necessaries and means of life?