I stand atop giants

I stand atop giants, I no longer look up to them

I’m n’t necessarily interested in their kilter view,

If so, I’d ask them, not strive for my own, but,

I want to see things anew, with my own oomph

For every look, there is something to see, for myself


A fanatic doubles his efforts after forgetting his aim

The giants are fanatic in imposing their insidious view

They are fighting tooth and nail to nix other views

While theirs remains welsh-ful, merely serving the 1%

The giants are wary of their demise, but it is imminent


The giants, humongous, lack agility in mind and body

Maladroit, their view, through a Judas hole, is diminished

Their vision has become dazzling, inescapably histrionic

It is fixated on making a giant step for mankind, but

Humanely, we ought to aim for small steps for every man


There is no silver vision for matters of human purpose

Lets stand atop giants and draw a cornucopia of visions for

Diversity, lithe, spontaneity, exuberance, coexistence

To transcend imposed minion-ism, gullibility of mind & body

Stand with me atop giants, lets make a humane society


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