A 100+ rat killing machines

Rat killing machines can include poisoning, trapping, cats, sticks, drowning, electric shocks, staring (see 'Men who stare at goats'), and surely, if the rats are a delicacy, they can be taken as a source of food. None of the rat killing tool can be said to be better than another, because they do not merely… Continue reading A 100+ rat killing machines

The human purpose

One cannot choose wisely for a life unless he dares to listen to himself, his own self, at each moment in life (Maslow) In order to discern what a/the human purpose is/ought to be, lets recap what a human is. A human being is: a complex, ambiguous, meaning-making, understanding, and feeling creature that has a unique biologically rooted, intangible mental life; ..a… Continue reading The human purpose

User experience, a broader perspective

Defining User Experience (UX) UX is concerned with the qualification (+/ quantification) of externalized (+ observable) behavior for a person using a specific tool (+ service) to complete a certain task in a given setting. As a branch of usability, which itself is concerned with productivity (effectiveness, efficiency), UX is task oriented. It is concerned with… Continue reading User experience, a broader perspective

How to measure motivation, user engagement and gamification

User engagement is one of the hottest buzzwords and concepts being thrown around with the connotation that it may be the holy grail to solving all motivational - human engagement - problems in learning, and other societal issues such as poverty, global warming, and energy conservation. The lack of a unified and clear definition has… Continue reading How to measure motivation, user engagement and gamification

The puzzle of motivation; Dan Pink [TED]

As long a task involves only mechanical skill, bonuses work as they would be expected: the higher the pay, the better the performance But once the task calls for 'even rudimentary cognitive skill' a larger reward 'leads to poorer performance The elephant is now in the room; its time to start changing values and altitudes.