Perfect Incompleteness: An Abyss of Possibilities

Fundamentally, it is this state of perfect incompleteness that leaves us with the desire and motivation to become more and more of what we are capable


The god particle: in man and machine

Scientism is the desperate hope and wish and ultimately the illusory belief that some standardized set of procedures called ‘science’ can provide us with an impeachable source of moral authority, a suprahuman basis for answers like “What is life, and when, and why?” “What are good and evil ends?” “How we ought to think and feel and behave?”

On our structural integrity

.. the pupil is never educated to the degree of consciousness, but only to the degree of trust and reverence, and a child is not made a man, but kept a child

7 characteristics of humanistic institutions

A humanistic community is a place in which people face each other over time in all their human variety. Such places promote the highest quality of engagement and participation possible in life. (Gatto)

3 levels of human engagement

Optimal engagement, refers neither to the distraction of individuals via continued excitation of their various pleasurable organs, nor the authoritative control, manipulation and guidance of individuals from which only dependence on external suggestion and factitious experiences are attainable.

A 100+ rat killing machines

Rat killing machines can include poisoning, trapping, cats, sticks, drowning, electric shocks, staring (see 'Men who stare at goats'), and surely, if the rats are a delicacy, they can be taken as a source of food. None of the rat killing tool can be said to be better than another, because they do not merely… Continue reading A 100+ rat killing machines

8 Forms of human relations

..belongingness, respect, protection, love, security, self-esteem, .. cannot be satisfied by trees, mountains or even dogs; only from healthy relations with other human beings. It is also, only, to other human beings that we can give these in the fullest measure