User experience, a broader perspective

Defining User Experience (UX) UX is concerned with the qualification (+/ quantification) of externalized (+ observable) behavior for a person using a specific tool (+ service) to complete a certain task in a given setting. As a branch of usability, which itself is concerned with productivity (effectiveness, efficiency), UX is task oriented. It is concerned with… Continue reading User experience, a broader perspective

6 Indiscernible effects of technology on society

Of all articles (that I’ve read) discussing the impact of technology on society, I find these (Carse's) elements indiscernible yet fundamental to having a holistic view to the use of technology in society. We use technology against ourselves. Machines do not, of course, make us into machines when we operate them; we make ourselves into machinery in… Continue reading 6 Indiscernible effects of technology on society

What is the role of technology in society?

..our inventions are but improved means to an unimproved end. Nonetheless, as incomprehensible problems mount, as the concept of progress fades, as meaning itself becomes suspect, the Technopolist stands firm in believing that what the world needs is yet more information. ..To the question ‘What problem does the information solve?‘ the answer is usually ‘How… Continue reading What is the role of technology in society?